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5 Tips for Parasite Cleansing

If you’re waiting on your parasite cleansing herbs this is the perfect blog for you! And if you’re interested and doing some research before joining parasite cleanse club you’re in the right place too!

Here are my 5 Tips for Parasite Cleansing with our Earth and Expansion Parasite Cleanse Herbs

1. Drainage Drainage Drainage

Make sure you are actively opening up drainage pathways before you start this or any parasite cleanse. Drainage pathways are how the body rids itself of what it's not using. This could be waste via bowel movements, toxins via sweating, emotional stagnation via crying or moving your body. I like to tell folks that you should be having 1-3 bowel movements a day, sweating at least 4 times a week, and be in the flow state (willing to let go of unwanted stagnant emotions, willing and wanting to step into your expansion).

Being able to release through drainage pathways ensures that when you start parasite cleansing you will be able to not just kill off the unwanted pathogens but then release them as well. If drainage pathways aren’t open before and during parasite cleansing you can experience herxheimer reactions or detoxing reactions like fevers, muscle and joint pain, headaches, skin issues, and more.

I have a whole course on Drainage Pathways to help walk you through each pathway and ways to open them.

2. It Might Be Bitter, But You Got This!

Bitter herbs are associated with gut health. They help the digestive system turn on by activating saliva and stimulating bile production. A couple herbs in this blend are also super bitter for the purpose of killing parasites.

But sometimes that bitterness can’t be hard to swallow.

I ensure that I drink my parasite cleanse herbal fusion each day by:

  • using a straw and

  • chugging 5-7 big gulps at a time.

  • You can also chase it with a bit of honey on the tongue, or a sweet juice.

3. Increase Your Water Intake

Increasing your water intake during your cleanse will help flush out toxins and pathogens from the bowels, kidneys, lymphatic system, liver, and skin. It also will help hydrate parts of you that have been dehydrated for so long. Let’s keep it real.

How much water are you drinking daily?

We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day. So if you weigh 160 you would drink 80 ounces of water a day. That’s a little more than half a gallon.

Just increasing water intake can help cushion the joints, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, and increase bowel movements.

4. Let Go Of More Than Just Parasites

Parasite cleansing works on an energetic level too.

What else are you wanting to let go of? What is no longer serving you? What are the stories you have been telling yourself that are no longer true?

It’s time to walk into your expansion. But there are some things that you won’t want to bring with you. Becoming aware is the first part of letting go.

Reflect on those things that don’t need to tag along on the next part of your journey and make an effort to be aware of those thoughts or habits when they come up.

5. Envision The New You

After deciding to let go of parts of you that are no longer serving you, begin to focus on where you do want to go! Who do you want to be? What is this new you like? What habits do you practice? How does it feel in your body to practice these habits? How do you experience joy?

Write your answers down and meditate on this new you!

The physiological is not separate from the energetic self. Parasite cleansing is such a powerful way to release and make space so that you can allow expansion!


6. Add You Intentions

When making your infusions add in your intentions. Water holds energy. Put your intentions into that water and drink it up the next day. My parasite cleanse intentions usually sound something like

“May I release what is no longer serving me. May my unwanted habits, emotions, and stories be composted into rich fertile soil for my abundance and well being. May health, happiness, and prosperity come to me swiftly and with ease.”

Much love amores, and happy cleansing!



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