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    Parasites are organisms whose lives depend on other living beings to survive. Without a host they die. Parasites can carry mold spores, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, yeast, candida and more pathogens. Our bodies and tissues don’t tolerate this many mold spores, toxic metals, and viruses but because they’re inside the parasites, they’re stored and contained. So treating parasites first is a great step to addressing overwhelming and chronic health issues.
    By purchasing the PCC herbs you will receive 2 blends. A Cleansing Blend to kill the parasites and other pathogens and a Releasing Blend to help move everything through the body. At night, before bed, you’ll make an infusion with the blends. You’ll add the recommended doses of herbs to a quart or liter size jar and fill it up with boiling water. Seal it shut and leave it steeping overnight. And in the morning open, strain and drink throughout the day. This overnight infusion of the herbs will make it a potent one! The infusion will kill the parasites and pathogens and help you release it all through bowel movements. In addition it is crucial that you continue to open up drainage pathways to help the detox practice. More on this below.
    Binders are agents that scrub the gut and grab unwanted elements inside the gastrointestinal tract. Binders bind all of these unwanted elements together so that your body can successfully release them. For Parasite Cleanse Club, I recommend pairing your herbal infusions with a binder of mimosa pudica seed to help collect and release. I've tried lots of binders and mimosa pudica seed is by far my favorite. We now offer mimosa pudica seed binder in our online bodega! If you decide to purchase the 6 week herbal cleanse, be sure to purchase the 6 week mimosa pudica seed to go along with your herbs. Same for the 2 week herbal cleanse. Make sure to purchase the 2 week mimosa pudica seed binder.
    You are going to be detoxing and releasing lots of stagnation. Physiologically and emotionally. It is not uncommon to have lots of clarity around situations where before you felt stuck. Prepare and ground for things to come up. Keeping drainage pathways is a great way to make sure you are ready to relase whatever isn't serving you anymore. Our Drainage Pathways and Parasite Cleansing Course has lots of journal promts and embodiment practices to acompany your emotional release.
    Parasites are so common. They are everywhere and there are plenty of ways that we can get parasites. These are just a few: Ingesting uncooked or raw fish and meat Letting dogs or animals lick you in the mouth and skin Tap water Traveling Eating vegetables Fecal to mouth transfer (sexually and more commonly compost on food) Skin contact. You can pick them up walking barefoot. In short… they’re everywhere and no one is immune to them Parasite cleansing is a practice. I cleanse twice a year, and whenever I feel I need a little reset. We're in constant contact with these beings. Releasing is a practice that doesn't just happen once! As we consume and take in, we also need to let go.
    In fact I hope you have a lot of bowel movements! That’s one of the main ways we get rid of waste. Aim for 1 bowel movement a day MINIMUM. The herbs are set up so that if you aren't having 1 bowel movement a day, you can add more Releasing Blend herbs. And if you're having too many bowel movements, or experiencing cramping and/or diarrhea, you can add less. Everyone is different. But remember, it will help if your drainage pathways are open. Don't just rely on the infusions to drain you. You should be moving everything! For more information on drainage pathways I recommend signing up for the Drainage Pathways and Parasite Cleansing course, a series of informative videos all about parasites (what they look like coming out) and the drainage systems of the body! This is a body literacy course that you will really enjoy. You might see some stuff in your bowel movements. I usually check with a chop stick for any critters but you do NOT have to look. You may notice things that look like rice, (tapeworm pieces which are more common than you would think) string, seeds, nuts, mucus, tomato skin looking things (flukes), long worms (Helminths such as tape worm, round worm, pinworms, these can be 1mm to 1 meter in length). All parasites that come out are already dead because these herbs are potent! You can always send us pictures on IG @earthandexpansion if your homies aren't down to take a look. I always am!
    Like I mentioned above the infusion should steep overnight. So it will be potent! One does get used to it and in fact my body craves the taste now after years of practicing because of the benefits associated. I don’t recommend young kids do this cleanse because the taste is gnarly and they might not trust anything in a cup ever again.
    You are the biggest authority on your body. You know your body more than anyone could ever! What foods are going to serve you to cleanse? Lean into that. For me, this means eating whole, unprocessed, non preservative foods. I avoid gluten, sugar, dairy, while I’m cleansing and try to eat as organic and non gmo as possible. I think mindset matters 100% when we’re thinking about foods we’re consuming and anything else we’re consuming to be real. If you think that cookie is going to cause havoc in the body and you’re hesitant to eat it, scared even, then it most likely will do exactly that. But if you are in a place of gratitude and appreciation for the cookie then suddenly it has a whole different vibration upon entering your body. So check in with you and your intuition. *this is something you’ll hear me say A LOT* What foods are going to serve you and your higher being. And be honest with yourself. No one is going to have your back like you do...
    It's not recommended to start a parasite cleanse while you are pregnant. If you are cleansing and find out you are pregnant you should use your best judgement or seek a medical provider to help you decide if you want to stop the cleanse altogether or reduce the cleanse to half the dosage. Keeping the drainage pathways open during pregnancy and breastfeeding will be beneficial. While breast/chest or body feeding, you be the judge and decide if you want to do this cleanse or cut the dosage. The herbs may impact the taste of the milk and with so many toxins releasing into the body, they can potentially get into the milk and to baby. There have been folks in PCC who were body feeding and their babes didn’t show any effects. I in fact did my first parasite cleanse while body feeding and would do it again 100% because of all the benefits it brought me. To hear about my parasite cleanse journey check out this podcast episode here! (link to podcast)
    Yes, this can happen and is not uncommon to suffer from detoxification reactions when doing a parasite cleanse. When our body tries to detoxify quicker than we’re able to release these toxins (hence why it's so important to open the pathways before starting the cleanse), we can experience intense symptoms. Everything comes up to the surface. The symptoms can include fatigue, headaches, nausea, night sweats and more. These are called herxheimer symptoms. I can not stress enough how important it is to work on opening up drainage pathways before and during your cleanse.
    If you are on a specific medication, it is always advisable to check in with your health practitioner or provider before embarking on any diet or lifestyle plan. And most importantly turn into your intuition.
    Have a friend or community that you can turn to with questions, reflections and/or stories. Not everyone wants to see the worms that come out of you, (I do, so send them all to me @earthandexpansion on ig lol). Having support in your detox journey makes a difference. Please feel free to reach out to me and the earth and expansion team at with any questions before, during, or after your cleanse. The Community Cleanse is here for this reason exactly. Cleansing in community is supportive. It provides encouragement, knowledge sharing and the opportunity to be seen and heard in all your expansion!
    I recommend 6 weeks because parasites are lunar beings and become super active by moving about and reproducing during the full moons. They do this at other times as well but the full moon is a time to take advantage of their mobility and cleanse! During our 6 weeks together we’ll work up to one big full moon where there is for sure to be lots of releasing. Physiologically and emotionally! Ancestrally we would cleanse twice a year, typically during the Spring and Fall, the in between seasons, but you can really do this any time that the body and spirit are calling for release. That’s why I’m offering PCC once a season. The 2 week cleanse isn't as in depth as the 6 week cleanse, but is a quick reset for folks looking for something not as long in length.
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