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an ancestral practice of self care


Sacral Steaming

Sacral steaming also known as yoni steaming, vaginal steaming etc. is a practice of exposing the sacral or pelvic area to steam by sitting or squatting over a pot of hot water and perhaps herbs

Steaming has been practiced by different cultures worldwide for centuries. Its benefits are extensive.

Sacral Steaming Benefits

Sacral steams are a gentle and nourishing way to connect to the womb space.

This ancestral practice has so many benefits!


Postpartum Support


Menstrual cycle regulation




Cleansing for unwanted pathogens


Digestive support

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Fertility Support


For a variety of reasons we can become disconnected from the womb space. Traumas, negative self talk, physiological pain, living in a society that values production over innate cyclical living, and more! It's easy to fall out of connection to this sacred space.


And I'm honored to guide folks back to that connected state.

You can read more about me and my journey to womb connection below. 

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