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Hi amor!
I'm Daniella,

I’m an herbalist, birthworker, sacral steam facilitator, writer, and podcast host on a journey of exploring the physiological, emotional, and spiritual sides of life and how they coexist in one beautiful human experience.


Ancestral wisdom grounds and guides me in my practices so that I’m able to  tap into my natural state of expansion. I’m so excited to share my adventure with you. 

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Growing up I was in the doctor's office more than most. I dealt with asthma and eczema and was medicated with ointments, inhalers, antibiotics and the whole lot. I played volleyball my whole life and through college on scholarship. I was a dedicated athlete and thrived in competition. After my college volleyball career, and years of studying kinesiology, my body craved movement without whistles and punishment based exercise. I started practicing yoga, teaching yoga, then teaching prenatal yoga.


I dove into the birthworld from a physiological perspective. Movement, intuition, and ceremony guided my practice. 

With my herbalist training I offered teas, sacral steams, body oils, infusions, cerrada ceremonies, and food as medicine to my clients. It was such a beautiful time. 


My own pregnancy was a treasured experience. I was so blissful and excited! With my knowledge of birth and herbs and body I decided to have a home birth. 


But when my homebirth turned to a hospital transfer and c section, my whole world changed. I was also in my saturn return. Big stuff! 


I experienced deep trauma. Soul touching pain. Shame. Fear. Embarrassment that my body couldn’t do what it was supposed to do.


But the universe had plans. And the intense contrast of that experience brought about such a fulfilling love for myself that I had never known. I couldn’t say this back then, but I am truly grateful for it all.


After the medications of hospital birth and rounds of antibiotics for mastitis my microbiome was shot. A slew of symptoms erupted in my body: eczema flare ups, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, depression, anxiety, asthma attacks, allergies to everything, fatigue and more.


It wasn’t easy.


I dove into my ancestral practices and began parasite cleansing and consciously opening up my drainage pathways. Playing with herbal formulas I developed a blend that would eventually lead me to feeling better than I ever had before. I had clear skin, little to no eczema flare ups, my libido was back, my hair was voluptuous, I was falling asleep easily and stayed asleep throughout the night, and felt happy. Truly happy. 


I’m on a mission to share plantita wisdom and ancestral practices because they have been life changing for me. 


Earth and Expansion is a product of the vibrant life that flows through me. It is an allowing of my abundance.


Earth because we are made of tierra, minerals, bacteria, water, and the blood of our ancestors. And Expansion because that is our ancestral blueprint. We are ever expanding. Ever transforming. Ever becoming.


We are rooted in the infinite. 


Earth and Expansion came about because it’s my life’s work to share the information I needed when I was searching for inspiration. I am so grateful for the contrast that has led me here. And I am so excited to see where else it takes me.


Thank you for being here with me.

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