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6 Week Independent Parasite Cleanse

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  • Description

    The 6 week Independent Parasite Cleanse works to kill parasites and all that they harbor, while also bringing on bowel movements to release the die off.

    Purchase of the 6 Week Independent Parasite Cleanse includes a digital guide. The guide will be sent via email upon purchase. Please check your spam inbox. This guide will walk you through your independent parasite cleanse and suggests embodiment practices such as enemas and garlic suppositories to deepen your cleanse.

    Are you ready to release? Are you ready to receive?

  • Ingredients

    Cleansing Blend: wormwood, olive leaf, neem leaf, astragalus, walnut hull powder, pau d arco, nettles, milk thistle seed, clove, oat straw

    Releasing Blend: senna leaf, slippery elm, marshmallow root, plantain,

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