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How to connect to
Your Womb Space

a 1:1 session


How can we be in relationship with plantitas and the seasons to deepen connection to the womb space?

Our cycles are our fifth vital sign. They give us so much insight into our overall health.

I'm honored to guide you in cycle living and womb space connection.

All cycles are unique and it can be overwhelming to know where to start

Let your womb story be heard, nourish yourself with plantita medicines and cyclical knowledge, and connect back to you


1:1 Womb Guidance

After filling out an in depth intake form, I'll put together a customized steaming protocol designed just for you. During our private 60 minute call, we'll discuss how to steam at home, when during your cycle to steam, how long to steam for, customized herbal blends to steam with, drainage pathway practices like enemas, womb massage, and more. 


We hold so much in our womb spaces. So while this virtual time is to talk protocols and how to's, its also a beautiful opportunity for your womb journey to be held and heard.

Whats included:

- a 60 min 1:1 call with me, Daniella

- opportunity to tell your story and be held and heard 

- a customized steaming protocol with herbal medicine recipes, and tutorials for embodiment practice suggestions such as belly massage, enemas, castor oil packs, and more

- a pdf version of the protocol deck

- video on steam set up

- video on steaming positions

- live guidance around womb health, herbalism, embodiment practices, and more!

- a follow up email with notes from our live call - so you know exactly where to begin and what to do 

  • A personalized womb guidance consultation

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