Womb Guidance Deck


After you fill out an in depth intake form, you'll receive a pdf protocol deck designed just for you. Included in the protocol deck will be information on how to do a sacral steam, how often to steam, how long to steam for, a customized herbal recipe of plantitas to steam with, information on the seasons of the cycle and more. Depending on your intake form, information on ways to support different drainage pathways might be included. This downloadable pdf will help guide you in building your home steaming practice.

What's included:

- a customized pdf steaming protocol deck

- video on steam set up

- video on steaming positions


For a variety of reasons we can become disconnected from the womb space. Traumas, negative self talk, physiological pain, living in a society that values production over innate cyclical living, and more! It's easy to fall out of connection to this sacred space.


And I'm honored to guide folks back to that connected state.

You can read more about me and my journey to womb connection below.