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Drainage Pathways
Parasite Cleansing Course

Opening drainage pathways is integral to parasite cleansing. It's how the body moves out waste, toxins, bacteria, fluids, and more. You want to be working on opening drainage pathways before, during, and after parasite cleansing so that the parasites and all that they harbor have a way to move out of the body.

This course can be taken on its own, in preparation for parasite cleansing, and while parasite cleansing.

What's included in the course:

A deep dive into how the body releases and lets go, and embodiment practices to allow balance and expansion. We touch on each of the following drainage pathways; the Bowels, the Uterus and Kidneys, the Liver, Bile, and Gallbladder, the Lymphatic and Glymphatic Systems, the Lungs.

You'll also be guided in conversation around parasite cleansing as an ancestral practice, what to expect while cleansing, and photos to identify what kind of parasites are coming out of you while on the cleanse.

You have lifetime access to this course! It's sure to be one you refer back to over and over again. 

You can sign up for the course below:

  • Drainage Pathways

    • All about drainage pathways & intro to parasite cleansing

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